How do I update my Account details?

You can update your password by selecting Settings (the Settings Cog in the top right corner) > My Account > Account Settings > Change Password

Are my details private/protected?

Absolutely. Super Supporter takes protecting users’ data privacy very seriously. See our Privacy Policy for more information.

What happens to my score after 5 weeks?

Your Group Leagues and Public Leagues run on a 5-week rolling form table. This means that a score will be voided after 5 weeks, and replaced with your most recent Game Week score, giving you an average score over 5-weeks. Stay in form to stay on top.

Can I see my total accumulative score?

This is not a feature on the app yet. We will introduce a total score league in a future update to run alongside the 5-week form table.

Can I place real money on the game?

No, we do not allow users to place real money on the game.

I’m from the Press, who can I speak to?

We encourage people to contact us regarding the app and anything relating to the app. Please contact us: info@supersupporter.com.

My odds are not showing?

The odds might not have been announced for that particular fixture yet. If a fixture is late in a Game Week or is in the Next Game Week then the odds may not be available until nearer the day. It will be made clear in the Game whether or not your odds are in or not. Don’t forget to save some Chips to place on the later fixtures.

Check you have an internet connection. You will not be able to receive odds with a poor or no internet connection.

If neither of the above are the reason for your odds not showing. Please don’t hesitate to contact us: info@supersupporter.com

What are Fractional Odds?

Fractional odds show you how much you will win on a predication compared to how many Chips you put on it. The first number shows how much you would win if you placed the amount show in the second number.

We take this method and multiply the result by 10.

For example, if you have odds of 2/1, and you place 1 Chip, you will receive 2 Chips in winnings, and 1 Chip for the one you placed (3 Chips total). Multiply this by 10 and you will have 30 Chips. This works on a ratio basis, so if you place 10 Chips you’ll receive 300 Chips (including Chips placed) and so on.

What are Decimal Odds?

If you multiply the number of Chips you placed by the decimal shown – the answer is the amount you’ll get in winnings (including your placed Chips).

We take this method and multiply the result by 10. Just for fun.

For example, if you have odds of 3.00 and place 1 Chip, you’ll receive 3 Chips in winnings. Multiply this by 10 and you will have 30 Chips. If you place 10 Chips, you’ll receive 300 Chips and so on.

How are the odds calculated?

We take the odds from all of the top betting markets to create an overall average. This ensures that the odds you play with are consistent and reliable.

Do I get the same odds as other users?

We ensure that the Game is fair for all users. The odds will vary for each and every fixture. Both teams within a fixture will have the same markets and the same odds. The odds on each fixture are the same for all users.

Does Super Supporter use mobile data?

Like most other applications that require data usage, Super Supporter requires similar. If you are not connected to a Wi-Fi network, your device will automatically use mobile data if available (unless manually changed in your device settings). We are not reliable for any extra data charges by your mobile network provider. See our Terms and Conditions for more information.

What devices support Super Supporter?

You can download Super Supporter on IOS and Android powered devices. Optimised for mobile phone devices, it can also be downloaded on iPads and Android tablets.

Windows devices are not yet compatible with Super Supporter. The app will be introduced to such devices in the future.

Is Super Supporter available in other languages?

We are always looking to improve the app and to make it available to all football supporters. Therefore, we look to introduce new languages in future updates.

Is Super Supporter available outside of the UK?

Yes. Super Supporter can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play, wherever you are in the world.

Is Super Supporter available for sports other than football?

Not yet. Every sport has supporters. Super Supporter aims to be a part of more sport by introducing compatibility in the future.

Why do I have to choose one team from each league?

We aim to unite football. This means supporting and connecting ALL the top four English football leagues, not just the Premier League. You will find that the other leagues are just as exciting, if not more.

Why don’t the teams have official logos or shirt designs?

Copyright laws prevent us from using the official logos and shirt colours. This is something we aim to bring to the app in the future.

How do I sign out of my Account?

Go to Settings > My Account > Select ‘Sign Out’.

The app is faulty/not working properly

We aim to keep improving the app. If you are having any issues with it, let us know through the Feedback Form within the app or contact info@supersupporter.com.

Please provide as much detail as possible to what the problem is, where you found it, and on what device. Your feedback will make our app even better.


How to Create a Group League

Go to Groups > Select Create League > Create a Name > Send the code provided to people you would like to be members of your Group.

How to Join a Group League

Go to Groups > Select Join League > Enter the code that has been given to you > Select Join Group League > Await Confirmation from the League Admin User.

How to Leave a Group League

Go to Settings (select the Settings Cog in the top right corner) > My Account > Group Leagues > Select the Group League you would like to leave > Select ‘Leave’.

How to Add people to Groups

Go to Settings > My Account > Select the Group League you would like to add people to > Select ‘Add Members’ > Enter email address/username or search your Facebook friends if you are signed in. You can also invite people via the ‘Groups’ section by selecting your League and then ‘Invite’, and then follow the same process.

Note: You may only add people to Groups if you are a Group admin user.

How to Kick a user from a Group League

Go to Settings > “My Account” > Group Leagues > Touch the Group League you would like to block a user from > Edit Members > Select the ‘Kick’ option under the specified name > Confirm.

Note: You may only kick people from Groups if you are a Group admin user.

How to Invite people to a Group League

Go to Groups > Select a Group League > Select Invite > Send the given Group League code shown to people you would like to join your Group. Alternatively, send an invite by email or through social networks.

What Public Leagues am I in?

You will automatically be entered into 5 Public leagues – One for each of your four selected teams and a Global League. You will not be able to communicate with users from Public Leagues, or see personal information. In future updates we may add more Public Leagues.


What is a ‘Game Week’

Each Game Week runs from a Friday at 12AM through to Thursday 11:59PM – all games within this time period are in the same Game Week.

What does ‘This Game Week’ mean?

‘This Game Week’ refers to the current Game Week you are in – Friday to Thursday. For example, if it’s a Saturday, Wednesday’s fixtures would be under ‘This Game Week’.

What does ‘Next Game Week’ refer to?

‘Next Game Week’ refers to the Game Week after the one you are currently in. For example, if it’s a Wednesday, Saturday’s fixtures would be under ‘Next Game Week’.

When do I have to select my matches by?

You have until 11:59 every Thursday to select your matches for the ‘Next Game Week’.

Why does the Game Week start on a Friday?

We looked at the fixture schedule, and figured that a League’s weekend fixtures can begin on a Friday night, and end on a Monday. Starting a week on a Saturday or a Monday would therefore split the weekend fixtures, which may confuse users.

Mid-week games are usually on a Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday, before the next weekend fixtures begin again on the Friday night. Friday is also the start of the weekend - starting a Game Week on a Friday suddenly makes sense – enjoy!

What if there are less than four fixtures in the fixture list?

This may happen on a rare occasion due to International breaks and the varied fixture changes among the four leagues. It will be very unusual that you will not see any matches, you will have at least one match on most Game Weeks (and you are able to place all of your Chips on one match if you wish).

How to choose matches in the game board

Go to Game > Choose whether you want to select matches from ‘This Game Week’ or ‘Next Game Week’ > Select ‘Select a Fixture’ > Select a match > Do this for all fixture slots (unless there are less than four games in a game week).

How to place your Chips

Go to Game > Select the match you would like to place your Chips on > Select a prediction > Place Chips by selecting them. Chip values will add up (20 + 10 will show as 30) > Select the ‘tick’ to accept and close, or select the back arrow to remove all Chips and start again.

When do I have to place my Chips by?

You have until the moment the specified fixture kicks off to place Chips.

How do I view what I have won/lost?

Go to Game > scroll down > view your recent points score and potential win.

How does the scoring system work?

The scoring system uses real odds that you place Chips on. Your points are totalled based on the amount of Chips you place and the odds that are available. For example - if you place 10 Chips on a prediction that has odds of 2/1 (Fraction) or 3 (Decimal), then you will have a potential win of 300 Chips (the 10 Chips placed + the winnings which are 2 x number of Chips placed = 20). To keep it interesting, we’ve added x10 multiplier – so multiply the result by 10 and that’s your total potential winnings.

Why can I only choose 9 predictions within a fixture?

We are keeping the game as simple and as easy to play for our users as possible. In order to give users a fair experience, we supply 9 options, limiting the number of predictions you would have in a standard bookmaker. This makes it easier and fairer for all of our users.

What options can I predict on?

We vary the market options that you can play with. Generally, you will see ‘Correct Score’, ‘Home/Away Team to Score a Goal’, ‘Home/Away Team Total Goals Under/Over’, ‘Team to Win/Lose/Draw’, ‘Total Goals Under/Over’, ‘Highest Scoring Half’, ‘Double Chance’, ‘Red Card in the Match’, ‘Yellow Card in the Match’.

Can I choose my own predictions?

Yes. From the 9 options given, you are able to manually change the top 3: Correct Score (predict the correct final score), Match Outcome (You choose a win or a draw) and Over X Goals (Predict the number of goals the fixture will exceed).

See the Game Rules in our Terms and Conditions for explanations for the above.

What happens if two of my teams play each other?

This may happen on a rare occasion due to domestic competitions. Your odds within both teams that are playing each other will simply duplicate.

What is the ‘Super Chip’?

This is the golden coloured Chip you see in your game section. You get one free Super Chip per game week, and it is worth the equivalent of 20 ordinary Chips. It is placed randomly on a prediction using the Super Supporter Wheel, once placed, this Chip cannot be moved. You have one free spin per Game Week. You can spin for fun though.

How do I access the Super Chip?

Go to Game > Touch the ‘Spin’ button (right of your teams’ fixtures).

Go to Game > Slide the wheel in from the right with your finger.

Go to Game > Touch the Super Chip (golden coloured Chip at the bottom).

How to use the Super Chip

This Chip can only be used in the Super Wheel, which selects a random number to place your Chip on (a message on the super wheel will tell you after your spin where it has been placed). Swipe the wheel in from the right-side of the Game screen > Slide the lever down (on the right-side), your Chip will be placed on whichever number the ball lands on (corresponds with the numbers on the match selections). This action cannot be undone.

Note: The Super Chip is programmed to not land on the options that you can manually change.

I can’t use the Super Chip

Check your fixture list. If you do not have all 4 fixtures selected, then the Super Chip will not work. You must select all 4 fixtures for that Game Week.

Check if it is an international break – this will mean there will be a break in the fixtures (across Premier League and Championship primarily) and the Super Chip will be unusable for all users.

If neither of the above are the reason for you not being able to use the Super Chip, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@supersupporter.com.

How to View League Tables

Go to Game > scroll down to ‘My Group Leagues’ > Select the League you want to view.

How to Remove fixtures

Go to Game > Select Change Fixtures (bottom right, below the Super Chip) > Select the fixture(s) you would like to remove > Select Remove (bottom right).

How to Change the view of the odds (Fraction/Decimal)

Go to Game > Next to the Super Chip at the bottom, it will say ‘Fraction’ or ‘Decimal’ > Select to alternate the view of the odds.


How to switch between teams

There are two ways to switch between your favourite teams. First, go to Teams > then:

Swipe left/right. Or:

Select the teams at the top of your Team screen.

How to view other team news and matches

Go to Teams > Select the more option on the right to your 4 teams at the top (3 dots) > Select which league and then team you would like to view.

How to Change My Teams

Go to Settings > My Account > My Teams. You are able to change your teams here.


What is the Home page?

The home page is the Super Supporter icon in the bottom left corner. Your Home page filters all of your team news, game, updates and notifications onto one scrolling feed.

Can I change what I see on the Home page?

We figured that with everything you need in one feed, you wouldn’t need to personalise your Home page. If this is something you would like to see in the future, please let us know in the feedback section.


Are my Conversations Private?

Yes, they are private messages between you and your Group only. See our Privacy Policy and Chat Features and Content Use section in our Terms and Conditions to learn more about Chat privacy.

Who can see my Messages?

Only you and your Group members can see your messages.

Why can’t I chat in Public Leagues?

We at Super Supporter take security measures very seriously. We will only allow users to chat to other users that are in the same Group. This ensures your and other users’ security, in that no personal or private information can be shared publicly. None of your details are visible for any user that is not in your Group either. See our Privacy Policy fro more information.

Why can’t I share pictures in Chat?

The feature to share images with other users in your Group will be brought to Super Supporter in a future update.


How to personalise Notifications

Go to Settings > My Account > Select Push Notifications > Personalise your notifications

Change your notification settings in the device specific notification settings.

Note: This will only allow you to personalise how the notifications are viewed. You will have to use the in-app settings to personalise what notifications you receive.

How to change Team Notifications

Go to Settings > My Account > Select My Teams > Select a team > Turn on/off notifications

How to change Group League Notifications

Go to Settings > My Account > Select Group Leagues > Select a Group League > Turn on/off Group League Alerts